About Me

My name is Laurence A. Floom, Jr.  I was born and raised in Canton Ohio.

I was a good student with adequate grades; better when I wanted.  I participated in the high school sports of football and basketball, as well as other extra curricular activities that included the chess and drama clubs.

I served in the U.S. Air Force for many years.  My time in the military was filled with lots of action and adventure.  I traveled to many countries where I fulfilled my duties as an airman in a few different capacities.

My civilian life has been eventful in that I have experienced different jobs and a career or two.  I worked in a steel mill, in an office sales store, as a roofer, hospital security, publishing, and as an EMT.

I am now finishing up my career as a university student and look forward to the challenges that my endeavors are sure to bring, as I hope to work in community planning with the hopes of revitalizing a few cities and towns.

My story continues to develop.




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