Entry Essay

Laurence Floom

SBS 400

24 September 2015

Entry Essay

My coming from a diverse background, meeting different groups of people, and experiencing various cultures, that I have an interest in sociology.  I grew up in an ethnically diverse neighborhood in a medium-sized city, and had the fortune of traveling across the United States and the world.   People live in societies that are guided by social factors.  Social factors are directed by different variable such as family and friends, ethnicity and culture, religion, education, neighborhoods, and media.  Some of us are fortunate in that we have experienced some of these variables through travel or other types of exposure.

I have chosen Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) as my major so that I can study how groups of people interrelate with each other.  The different ways people relate to each other affects many decision making processes by individuals, groups and other entities such as local government.  Local government makes most many decisions based on the pulse of the different groups and the people that make up these groups that live in their jurisdiction.  A good example are planning commissions, which most local governments have a department dedicated.  Whether or not these planning commissions make decisions based on the best interest of groups of people and their communities is of concern to me; this is why I am interested in SBS with a concentration in sociology.  I feel that studying the social sciences will equip me with the knowledge and the tools I need to represent the best interest of people by employing equity ecological planning in their communities.