Understanding MLO 1

My understanding of MLO 1 is that I am required to up-load to my e-portfolio several items. One item is an essay on theory explaining how I met my requirements with the work I’ve completed in Theory. I will also be required to upload two “deliverables” to the e-portfolio for  MLO 1. These deliverables will consist of  my better work to include my “Social Issue” essay, and another one or two. These deliverables will be theory based in that they will show my use of a particular theory.

Laurence Floom
SBS 400
11 October 2015
MLO I Essay
I have attended two courses that qualify for MLO I requirements. The two courses are SBS 300 Major ProSeminar: Theory and Method in the Social & Behavioral Sciences, and SBS 328 Social Science Theory Module. Two others that I would like to consider for a deliverable are SBS 330 Crime and Violence, and SBS 338 Social Psychology.
Completing SBS 300 afforded me a basic foundation in social theories and methods. Essays and lectures in this course provided an understanding of theories and methods by studying and discussing current issues such as the migration of Mexican farm workers to California and the Pacific Northwest. Although, my essay is about adolescents, bullying, and suicide for my SBS 300 Major ProSeminar deliverable. In SBS 300 as in SBS 328, one was to choose a social issue, theorist and theory for this deliverable. Suicide theory (Durkheim, 1979, 1951) is the theory that I used for my essay. As a functionalist, Emile Durkheim and his works would provide good insight for my paper.
Social Science Theory Module, SBS 328, introduced in-depth perspectives of theory-based topics in the social sciences. We also analyzed theories, while learning how they may apply under certain circumstances. The instructor of SBS 328 was an anthropology-based professor, and therefore favored on the side of anthropology theoretical framework. The class was instructed to research social movement theory, and choose a specific social movement and to apply a theorist and theory to this movement. I chose animal rights as the social movement to research and report about. I used utilitarianism theory as the basis of my essay, and likewise, the prominent utilitarian Jeremy Bentham as my theorist.
My paper for Crime & Violence 330 is about the crime of rape, and explores the relationship between crime and theory. I used social control as the theory to explain the crime of rape and sexual assault.
One paper I might also want to consult is an essay on what is social psychology that I wrote in SBS 338, Social Psychology. As instructed, it defines social psychology as a discipline and its uses of scientific method. The essay describes the four basic theoretical paradigms and perspectives from which it operates. I also talk about social psychology as not being a distinct discipline; other factors that are relevant such as symbolic interaction; and its use of macro-level and micro-level analysis.


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